Warm Hearts Club

Welcome to Warm Hearts, our program that honors and recognizes donors who pledge to be there for patients throughout the year.

If you’re not enrolled, click on Home and log in.
Once you are logged in, click 'Not Enrolled' under Warm Hearts in Donor Snapshot.

Once enrolled, you automatically receive points for every donation. Your points accumulate throughout the year, advancing you to one of the three Warm Hearts Club levels. We'll email your progress monthly, and you will be rewarded with a thank you gift based on our level at the end of the year – automatically!

If you're already enrolled, we're so happy to have you as part of our family. Whether you give to help accident victims or to provide for the ongoing need of those with rare blood disorders, you are at the core of our life-saving mission, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Warm Hearts Store Sweepstakes Winners

  • Cathy Anderson
  • Richard Paschka
  • Bryan Rauworth
  • Cathryn Flones
  • Gregory Vos
  • Janet Dubina
  • Tina Benson
  • Marissa Martensen
Enrolled Levels & Rewards


800 to 1,450 points
HBC Gift



1,500 to 3,450 points
$20 Gift Card



Over 3,500 points
$50 Gift Card

Once enrolled you earn 200 points for whole blood donations, 250 points for plasma donations, 300 points for platelet or combination type procedure donations and 500 points for dual red donations.

Plus, donors who reach Bronze, Silver and Gold status will all be invited to a special recognition event in their honor.